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Ever eager to help, Tool-Flo's customer service department can be contacted to process purchase orders, verify inventory status, make grade recommendations, or obtain pricing information on both standard and modified products.  Contact us at:



Whether you are looking for inserts to cut a particular threadform, recommendations on machining parameters, troubleshooting, or needing programming assistance, we are here to help! Contact us at:



With abilities to design/build virtually any custom insert, bar, or toolholder, Tool-Flo's quotation department can provide costing for any special that you may require. Whether you have a part drawing, insert drawing, sample part or insert, Tool-Flo can engineer a solution for you. Contact us at:

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Tool-Flo proudly announces our new coolant fed clamps. The unique feature of our design is that the tool holder does not need to be changed

laser cut pcd/pcbn

Tool-Flo’s new laser technology not only provides these advantages, but also provides an unmatched cutting edge quality which will in turn; give you an excellent surface finish and longer tool life..